Haw, haw, haw, haw...

Looking for the best ZZ Top tribute band?  You're in the right place. 
Sharp Dressed Man is know nationally, and internationally, as the best and most authentic tribute to that Lil Ole Band From Texas - ZZ Top

The original focus of the group was on the most important element of any tribute show - THE MUSIC.  Three guys perfoming ZZ Top hits like you heard them on the radio growing up.  It is unbelievable how well this group performs the material. 

Then followed the focus on the performance.   So many videos, so many version of the great live shows.   Sharp Dressed Man chose the most memorable moments from over three decades of live ZZ Top concerts to incorporate into the show.  The many outfits and hats, thchoreographed stage moves and banter, the types of instruments - including the fuzzy guitars, the stage props, even the microphone stands.  The group continues to add to the visual aspect of their show every year.

Take a listen to the music, see vidoes and pictures.  
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